Carolyn Watson

carolyn-watson-2017-author-pictureI am a fiction writer living on the edge of a mountain overlooking the ocean.  Sometimes I emerge from the cave where I keep my computer to walk my dog in the rain.  I try to write serious fiction, but after too much time on my own, the crazy sets in, and my stories go off in unusual directions.





10 thoughts on “Carolyn Watson

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Just wanted to thank you for the consistent support you’ve shown the interviewees on my site. Much appreciated! I hope the WIP is going and look forward to hearing what happens next!

    Kind regards,
    Nicole Melanson


  2. “I am a fiction writer living on the edge of a mountain overlooking the ocean.” Um, I don’t mean to be awkward, but I think the waiter brought you the life I ordered….


  3. Thanks for your comment and wishes on my latest blog! Didn’t know where else to comment and saw here that I already mentioned that i love the quote here- was about to tell you again!
    Enjoy the ocean…xx

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  4. It sounds like fun! I am trying to get my 14the paperback on Amazon, am having a little problem with the margins. I think I have it figured out, will know tomorrow. Writing is what we do because we have to. Good luck with your books.


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