Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my!



My goal of posting twice a month is off to a surprisingly good start considering the fiasco on January 2nd.  My new computer and I are getting along well, though our relationship nearly hit an impasse when Windows 8.1 threatened to come between us.  Oh Windows XP, how I mourn you.  Rest in peace, my friend.

I wish I could say I was back to my normal writing schedule and that navigating the new system is a breeze.  However, I keep remembering websites I used to have bookmarked (I’m talking about you, my cat is on the upswing of a serious illness and her royal highness is demanding a lot of attention, and my dog keeps finding stuffed animals to tear apart at my feet.

Then again, it’s only January 12th.  I’ll get there.


Happy New Year!

My computer decided to celebrate the new year by dying.  Poor thing!

We’ve been together for ten years so it was not wholly unexpected.  But one day into 2015?

We’ve been through good times and bad, written thousands of sentences together and cursed (well, I cursed.  The pc cursored…  Is that a word?) when things didn’t go as planned.

I wish I could say I’ll miss it, but the last few years have been rocky.

Today, I will start looking for a younger, sleeker model.  Sigh!  It’s going to be tough.