“Halloween shadows played upon the walls of the houses.  In the sky the Halloween moon raced in and out of the clouds.  The Halloween wind was blowing, not a blasting of wind but a right-sized swelling, falling, and gushing of wind.  It was a lovely and exciting night, exactly the kind of night Halloween should be.”

~ Eleanor Estes, American children’s author (b. May 9, 1906 – d. July 15, 1988)

Anna Dewdney, Children’s Author and Illustrator


(Born December 25, 1965 – Died September 3, 2016 Aged 50)


“When we read with a child, we are doing so much more than teaching him to read or instilling in her a love of language,” she wrote. “We are doing something that I believe is just as powerful, and it is something that we are losing as a culture: by reading with a child, we are teaching that child to be human. When we open a book, and share our voice and imagination with a child, that child learns to see the world through someone else’s eyes.”