Carrie Fisher



“I always wrote. I wrote from when I was 12. That was therapeutic for me in those days. I wrote things to get them out of feeling them, and onto paper. So writing in a way saved me, kept me company. I did the traditional thing with falling in love with words, reading books and underlining lines I liked and words I didn’t know.”
— Carrie Fisher (b. 1956 – d. 2016)

Such a big personality.  I am at a loss for words.




William Trevor



“I get melancholy if I don’t [write]. I need the company of people who don’t exist.”
— William Trevor

(Born May 24, 1928 – Died November 21, 2016)

–—–—William Trevor was one of my favourite writers, both of short stories and novels.  His 2002 novel, The Story of Lucy Gault, has never left me.

Oh 2016…

I don’t want to write another post dedicated to brilliant talent we have lost.