The Shelter Buddies Reading Program

This is such a great idea.


“The Shelter Buddies Reading Program at the Humane Society of Missouri was designed to help our shelter dogs become more adoptable. Participants sit outside of the dogs kennel and read to them, which helps shy dogs learn to relax around people, while teaching high-energy dogs that calm behavior is desirable. When children read stories to the dogs, it also helps them develop their own reading skills.”

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“Damn you tiny assassin”

“Say I feel all sad and self-indulgent, then get stung by a wasp, my misery feels quite abstract and I long just to be in spiritual pain once more – ‘damn you tiny assassin, clad in yellow and black, how I crave my former innocence where melancholy was my only trial’.”

–Russell Brand, Articles of Faith


Six times the little devils stung me in the ankle.  My foot swelled three times its size.

I had the BEST pity party.